Haibane Renmei and Beautiful Melancholy

When on the lookout for reviews and articles discussing anime, I am always interested in the personal experiences the writers of the community have to share. While I usually prefer to discuss the medium in a more formal and authoritative voice, I am also interested in the less formal personal experiences writers like to share in their works. Not to take away from the formal and authoritative voice, but it tends to lack warmth and is sometimes unable to properly convey the writer’s ideas, which are usually tied in with their emotions, to a certain degree. Continue reading “Haibane Renmei and Beautiful Melancholy”


The Problem of Continuity and Anime Adaptations

“The anime was flawed because it wasn’t like the manga/visual novel/light novel/whatever.”

We have all heard it, and we have all probably said it, or something similar, at some point. In the anime community the issue of continuity between source material and the animated medium has always been a source of contention. Every season we witness swaths of fans who are disappointed that the anime adaption of one of their favourite manga, light novels or video games is not just quite up to snuff. Complaints that the anime left out key parts of the narrative, or didn’t present a certain scene in the right manner or was too short are ubiquitous with seasonal discussions. Continue reading “The Problem of Continuity and Anime Adaptations”

Yuri Kuma Arashi and The Consequences of Social Labels

When Yuri Kuma Arashi first aired in the winter of 2015, the series immediately delivered on the buzz which had been hovering around the title for months. The long awaited and highly unexpected return of Kunihiko Ikuhara, the director of Sailor Moon and creator of Revolutionary Girl Utena and Mawaru Penguindrum, turned heads in both the industry and the community alike. Continue reading “Yuri Kuma Arashi and The Consequences of Social Labels”

One Year of CoffeeHipster

I’ll keep it short and sweet. CoffeeHipster has now been up and running for over a year now. I’m not going to throw a big party, do anything out of the norm to get this anniversary noticed, or make a yearly tradition. I just want to give a sincere thank you to everyone who has supported this blog through its first year of existence. Continue reading “One Year of CoffeeHipster”

What Are The Benefits of Watching Older Anime Titles?

One of the longest ongoing debates within the anime community is the rather fruitless dispute over the quality of older titles versus newer titles. While both sides have a plethora of reasons and proponents, we will not dive into a black hole from which we cannot escape in this post. Instead, let us go over today’s question, revolving around this issue, examine as to why fans might not want to watch older or newer titles and take a look at the benefits of watching both. Continue reading “What Are The Benefits of Watching Older Anime Titles?”

Mushishi: A Window into a Beautiful World

Every once in a while we come across a title which goes against the grain. A film, series or short, that despite there being clear defining factors for success, takes an alternate route to achieve its ends. In the entertainment industry, consumers have come to expect certain tropes and recurring popular themes due to their presence in recent successful works. Consequently, other authors, directors and animators emulate these themes in an attempt to capitalize on emerging trends to gain attention for their respective projects. The anime industry is no stranger to this rule. One example of this is the rise in the “trapped in a fantasy world” or “magical high school” trends which has been incredibly popular for nearly three years now. Continue reading “Mushishi: A Window into a Beautiful World”

Ask Box #1: Why Should You Watch Anime?

Welcome to the inaugural ask box, where the community sends in their questions about everything anime, manga, and otaku related. Today’s question comes from Doaks, who asks:

“Why should someone watch anime?”

While it may seem like a rather vague question to which we all have our own answers, it’s a fitting inquiry nonetheless. Of course, there is no correct answer to this question since everyone’s reasons for watching the medium differ from one person to the next. I’m no different in this case and I therefore cannot answer for everyone who is a fan and for any prospective and future fans. I also want to avoid some of the generic reasoning that is common to see in the community. Continue reading “Ask Box #1: Why Should You Watch Anime?”

Creative Blogger Award

Today’s post is a little different from the usual fare we usually see here on CoffeeHipster. Recently, LitaKino nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award. I would like to thank her for the great compliment of not only recognizing my blog, but also putting the word out there to others and recommending to come and check me out. It always means a lot when people come over and read and comment on what I write. I always attempt to put quite a bit of effort in everything I write and research, so it feels good to receive these small tokens of appreciation from time to time. So thank you to everyone who visits! Continue reading “Creative Blogger Award”

Four Up-and-Coming Directors You Should Know About.

The anime industry is distinctive in a sense that quality, success or failures of any particular anime title are attributed to either the production studio or source material. What is often forgotten when all the dust settles, are the actual names of the people behind the production of any given title. Unlike western films and media, where the successes of titles are often attributed or are perceived to hinge on the names of directors and producers, their Japanese counterparts in the anime industry rarely receive their share of credit. Continue reading “Four Up-and-Coming Directors You Should Know About.”

Swingin’s in the 1930’s and Taking a Look Back at Baccano!

Editor’s note: I no longer review anime. It’s not that I no longer see the merits in critiquing anime. Rather, I no longer have any interest in actually reviewing, critiquing and rating the series I watch. On a personal level, it makes my watching experience much more dull and cold. To arbitrarily categorize and take apart any work of art based on “production values”, in my opinion, kills the point. Anime, like any artistic medium, is about the experience and the message(s) we are being told. As we all take away something different in observing one of Picasso’s pieces, the same stands true for any work of anime. Yes, ANY. My experience in watching anime is different from anyone else’s and the ideas any one given work generated within my imagination are my own and are unique. The subject of today’s review is Baccano!, a series which I believe is still highly under appreciated to this day. In hopes of spreading the world about this great series I’ve decided to dig up this old review which I first wrote nearly three years ago, and present it to a new audience. Enjoy! Continue reading “Swingin’s in the 1930’s and Taking a Look Back at Baccano!”